I remember going to Redwood forest in California as a young kid with my family. I was in awe of the huge trees that cover the landscape. Trees so big in width and height that it made me feel like I had been placed in a land of giants. One of the cool things about these large trees (called sequoia’s) is that for such large trees they have a very shallow root system. Although they can reach over 300ft in height and weigh several hundred tons, they stand strong. They rely on a unique roots system that interlocks with the roots from the other sequoia trees around it.

One of the biggest problems for any youth ministry is seeing their flock stray away once they graduate. They enter into a season with many freedoms that they did not have before, and it’s easy for them to stray away. Many move away from home and go off to college, leaving behind the strong community they once had. Many others can no longer go to youth ministry because they are older, but they don't exactly fit in with the adults either. I fell into this demographic when I was 18 and the journey I went on was filled with pain, heartbreak, and regret. I had anchored myself with other people that didn't help me grow closer to God, but instead pulled me away from him.

In praying for a name for our young adults ministry, our Pastor Leo Lara kept hearing the word “Rooted”. As I continued praying, God began to confirm the name “Roots” by reminding me of those large sequoia trees I saw when I was a kid.

Our goal is to provide a healthy roots system for young adults to grow closer to God and build relationships with other people in similar seasons as them. Our hope is to train up a generation of believers who will be obedient to everything God has in store for their lives. If you are a young adult between the ages of 18-35, we encourage you to come and hang out with us. We meet every Friday night at 7pm in the main sanctuary here at New Life Family Church.

-Luis Ochoa

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