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Church Goals

Blessings on this day to everyone reading. I’d like to take a few minutes to keep you all informed about the church plans for 2022, and I think that this will be a great time to share the goals that we, at New Life Family Church, will be working toward this year.

I’m hopeful you already know our Vision Statement, but in case you do not, our vision is to be a CHRIST-CENTERED, SERVANT-FIRST Community with a KINGDOM PURPOSE. Our 2022 church goals will reflect each component of our Vision statement.


  • Increase DISCIPLESHIP participation (participation in discipleship classes and/or Men’s/Women’s Discipleship) by 30%

  • NLFC will increase Discipleship home team’s from 4 to 8 groups in 2022.


  • NLFC Leadership team will participate in monthly meetings for Leadership Development Training.

  • NLFC will host quarterly Pastor’s/Leader’s Meetings and invite community pastors

  • Volunteer goal: NLFC will have quarterly Volunteer Recruitment, with hopes to increase volunteer participation. We will also plan for a Volunteer Conference and Volunteer Recognition.


  • Pastor Eli will mentor 8 couples for preparation for Family Pastor roles; which may assist with mentoring/discipleship

  • NLFC will develop Pastoral Care Program during 2nd Quarter 2022; services available to congregation 3rd quarter 2022

  • NLFC will increase Church wide Community Outreach efforts to reach the broken (NLFC will complete 2 community outreach activities in 2022)

  • NLFC will work toward having a strong PRAYER community of 300 individuals.

Let’s pray so that all of the set goals EXCEED expectations, and that God blesses the work of our hands to do everything with EXCELLENCE knowing that it is ALL for him!


Robert Chapa

Executive Pastor

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