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Avodah Youth

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." - Mark 10:45

When Pastor Eli asked us if we would help lead the youth ministry at New Life Family Church, we did not take it lightly. We wanted the name to align with Pastor Eli’s vision of servanthood. In prayer and research, we found that Avodah was a Hebrew word that meant work, worship, and serve. Thus came the mission to instill a Christ-centered work ethic, a culture of true worship and prayer, and a Christ-like attitude of servanthood in the lives of our youth.

Looking back on our own experience as youth and our experience working with young people, we realized that the enemy has declared a specific spiritual battle on the identity, purpose, and foundation of truth during some of the most pivotal years of our lives. We remembered growing up in a blur of identity, constantly trying to find ourselves by attempting to ‘fit in’ with everyone around us. As we grew older and started seeking God more passionately, He led us to mentors that have greatly impacted our lives and helped us walk into the purpose that God created us for.

In our society today, a youth’s search for identity has only grown harder. We feel honored that God has given us the opportunity to plant seeds in the lives of the youth we are blessed to interact with. As our youth building was in the process of being built, our team of leaders and volunteers gathered in prayer and wrote our prayers on the floor underneath the carpet. Our prayer was that God would raise an army of young warriors for Christ that would come out of Avodah Youth Ministries. An army that stands on the word of God (John 8:2). An army of young people that do not conform to this world (Romans 12:2). Warriors that do not let anyone look down on them because they are young, but set an example of true young men and women of Christ (1 Timothy 4:12). We are excited about what God is doing and the testimonies coming out of Avodah Youth!

We are in the business of raising God’s army. We invite you to join us in planting seeds of life, hope, and love in our young generation.

-Luis & Courtney Aguilar

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