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5 Reasons to Participate in Men’s Fellowship

Men's Unleashed every 2nd and last Saturday of each month @ 9:00am at New Life Family Church in McAllen, Texas

1. Jesus did it

  • Jesus is always our model to follow and imitate. He is our example of true masculinity and godliness.

  • Jesus said that he only did what the Father was already doing. If He lived life close to other men, we should too.

  • If we are genuinely seeking God and allowing our character to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus, we will want to walk just as Jesus did.

2. Men need accountability

  • We need to move beyond the shame and guilt of our past sins and humble ourselves before God and each other in order to grow and be strengthened.

  • If a man is stuck in a pit, he must allow others who are outside the pit to help him. Then he must turn around and help others out of the same pit from which he was saved.

  • No man is beyond redemption through Jesus Christ, but we need to admit our own mistakes and failures. This doesn’t happen alone, but through the power of the Holy Spirit being manifested through our brethren.

3. Men need REAL fellowship with Jesus

  • Fellowship with Jesus means walking with other men, just as He did.

  • Nothing compares to the life-giving atmosphere of being around other men who are seeking God and share the same desires, struggles and goals of Christian life.

  • Spending time with other Spirit-filled men of God, who carry the same Spirit in them that raised Jesus from the dead, is as close to fellowship with Jesus Himself as we can get in this material life until Jesus returns.

4. Older men’s duty to raise up younger men

  • Scripture clearly instructs elders in the faith to be a model of godliness for the younger men. Likewise, younger men have a duty to give respect, honor and show humility before men who are older in the faith.

  • Most men learn how to be a man from their father. What if the father isn’t around, is against God or is a fake Christian? Who will provide the godly role model for the young man?

  • If mature, elder men don’t fulfill their duty to pass on wisdom, life lessons and set a godly example, how will the new in faith or the younger generations ever grow and mature in their Christian character?

5. There is strength in numbers

  • The enemy of our soul works in darkness and isolation. A predatory animal will first try to separate its prey from the herd to make it more vulnerable. There is strength in being in fellowship with other men, no matter how imperfect or broken as long as they are seeking God.

  • Many men never reach their true spiritual potential as men of God because they are paralyzed with doubt, fear or lack of true Christian role models. Isolation only exacerbates this problem.

  • Even the disciples of Jesus were sent out in numbers. We are NOT called to walk this walk alone, but in strength, confidence and the power that comes through the Holy Spirit of God.

We are all in this boat together and none of us have it all figured out. Nor is anyone one of us better than another. We all have experience, struggles and wisdom to share with one another.

Come experience the freedom and true liberty of laying down your life before God alongside your brothers in Christ.

No shame. No guilt. No condemnation. Only the life-giving, self-sacrificing love of Jesus surrounded by other men of God called to STAND UP and PUSH BACK the darkness in this hour!

Join us for Men's Unleashed every 2nd and last Saturday of each month @ 9:00am at New Life Family Church in McAllen, Texas

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