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Learn About Our Ministries

Our church offers a variety of opportunities for you to get connected through our ministries, each dedicated to serving a subset group of our church:

Children's Ministry

We offer 3 children’s classes: Nursery, Toddlers (18 months-4 years old), and 4-11 years old. We strive to create an environment where the kids are safe, loved and have fun. The 4-11 year old group has Bible-centered lessons followed by playtime.

Avodah Youth Ministry

Youth (12-18) are invited to age-appropriate teachings, games and food!


College and career professionals (19-35) are invited to develop their roots in Christ and grow into the purpose God has for them.

Women's Collective


The heart of Women's Ministry is helping broken women become complete and lacking nothing through God’s love.


Men come together to learn about the Word of God and taking their role as the leaders in their home, their church and in society.


This is New Life Family's family-grounded ministry that aims to help build families with Jesus as the foundation.

Divorce Care


Join this women support group to find help and healing from the pain of past broken relationships.

Our church through its ministry groups hosts classes/book studies, home teams, as well as opportunities to fellowship. We invite you to get plugged in and allow us the honor of walking with you as your family, loving you, and praying for you and your loved ones.

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