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See What God Can Do Through You.

Volunteer Opportunity

Our church is a servant-first church who believes in being the light of the world and point others towards Jesus. Because He loved us, we can love others. Because He put people in our lives to love us and be light in our lives, we choose boldly to be that light in another person's life. 


We invite you to make the decision today to step out into your God given purpose and consider volunteering in 1 of the 3 areas below: 

First Impressions Team (FIT)

From the staff in the parking lot helping guide you in parking, to the moment you are greeted with smiles and hellos as you walk through our church lobby, our FIT team is made up of people who love God and love His people. Our FIT make our members and guests feel like they have arrived to the right place, like they have arrived HOME

Second Impressions Team (SIT)

SIT is in charge of service operations: worship, production, and prayer, creating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can move freely and be felt by all. If you have a special God given anointing or talent, SIT may be your calling!

Lasting Impressions Team (LIT)

Our LIT aims to reach hearts through its different teaching ministry areas, from the tiny human beings who attend our children's ministry classes during regular service, to the ministry groups who meet once a week or a month to serve the different needs of our church (youth, college & career, women, men, families). If you would like to volunteer and make a difference in people's lives in a particular LIT ministry, we look forward to connecting with you! 

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