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About Us

Placing You On the Path of Enlightenment


What began as a home team of three members has grown exponentially to a non-denomination bible study gathering of several hundred attendees throughout the last few years. In January 2012, Eli Lara was asked to lead the home team, and within the first 3 meetings, there were over 30 attendees. The bible study went from being home based to church based all while increasing in attendance, ultimately outgrowing its location at the time. 


In August 2013, Trinity United Methodist Church McAllen graciously opened its doors to allow the home team to meet in a bigger space that would allow the bible study to accommodate its increase in numbers. This move laid the foundation of what would become New Life Bible Study, a place where current and new believers come together as one community to learn more about God's word and become a type of people who can share God's love in the world boldly. 


Upon receiving several confirmations from others, Pastor Eli realized that he needed to fulfill his calling of becoming a Pastor, and the vision for New Life Family Church RGV began. NLF Church RGV was incorporated as of June 8, 2016 with the first official New Life Family service on June 23, 2016. 

With an attendance averaging 120 to 150 on a weekly basis, New Life Family RGV is growing steadily. Through the years, our New Life Family has witnessed many life transformations, powerful testimonies and bold declarations by those whose lives have been impacted by an invitation to visit, and we invite you to join our New Life Family RGV. 

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