Key-Note Speaker: Christi Lee Miranda

Known for her passionate speaking and relatability, Christi Miranda delivers messages of healing over hardship that minister to all. With real life stories of trusting God for her own survival, Christi has become a highly requested keynote speaker with multicultural audiences.


Christi Miranda has been featured on national television shows such as The Gospel and The Dave Ramsey Show. With her unique approach to ministry and the marketplace, Christi has created several entities including the Just Christi Social Media Management Agency, the PreachGirl! Public Speaking Program, Christi Miranda Inner Circle Coaching and co-founded the My Collective Virtual Women’s Conference to highlight up and coming female preachers.


Christi is also the author of the book Heels & Valleys; Confessions of a Church Girl.

Through divorce, crazy storms and unimaginable opportunities — Pastor Christ

shows you what faith was MADE for and guides you to a place of productivity. There’s lots of laughs along the way too.

Christi Miranda is called to propel forward those who feel that life has stolen their purpose. By sharing her own struggles to victory, her listeners uncover the hidden glory of God's work in their own lives. Follow Christi on IG: @ChristiLeeMiranda and www.christimiranda.com